Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear student,

I first want to thank you for your honesty. Calling an assignment "completely bogus" and putting that in your write up definitely makes me want to give you an A. You obviously got out of the assignment what I was hoping for. You are astute in your observation that I assign work, just to assign work, and not with the assumption that there is anything valuable to be gained. While your classmates may have lied through their teeth and told me what they learned from the process, you alone will receive full credit.

I appreciate the minimal effort you put into the assignment, fully completing HALF the length of the write up. Way to go. Not to mention, you never addressed the topic of the assignment. I know that if you had even attempted to address the topic writing a full TWO PAGES would have been too easy.

I also appreciate that you did not take the time to proofread your assignment. Misspelling my name was definitely a great move and proved to me how much you pay attention. And how could I expect you, as a senior in college, to know the difference between their, there, and they're? Obviously they should all mean the same. I know I am picking on all the small things, and don't worry, I will provide you with zero feedback. I hope this is enough that you really will get into that graduate program you are hoping for.

It's been a pleasure to grade all your half attempted work.