Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Student,

Thank you for your email today. I am well aware that the new semester starts in two weeks. I am glad that you are also aware of this fact. Given that you acknowledge that you are aware of this fact, I can completely understand that it is my fault you are just now registering for your classes.

In addition to that, I understand your request to take 27 credits in one semester. As you said, you're "this far along I don't see why the school would care if i took 27 credits in one semester." Because yes, it's definitely a factor of how CLOSE you are to graduation, not how well you do in those classes. Your 2.8 GPA is in no way reflective of how well you would do taking more than twice the number of credits you've been taking. Why wouldn't you be successful?

Also, one of the additional classes is not offered in the Spring. This is specifically why I recommended this course for fall. But of course it is my fault you did not take it. This also makes it very difficult for you to register for this class in the spring. Given that you also acknowledged this in your email I must confess at being a bit confused. Granted, I could, as you suggested, just waive that capstone requirement, or just not make you take it at all. The course is just an arbitrary course and definitely not listed in the CORE of your major. Of course we can just find something else to count in it's place - especially since you have already demonstrated such exceptional academic ability in your major.

I think I should just print your diploma right now.