Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Student,

Thank you for letting me know the specific times you are available. I am happy to call you between 1:00pm and 1:05pm since those are the only times you have available. Never mind that the issue I believe you want to talk to me about is totally impossible. Unless of course you can wow me with your knowledge of Anthropology, reading, writing and Psychology enough for me to decide that you don’t need any of those prerequisites. I am sure your stellar personality and your limited availability is enough for me to arbitrarily decide that you, and just you, should be able to take whatever class you want whenever you want.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Student,

Thank you for contacting me today with your plans for graduation. I am happy to say that it is possible to take 20 credits in the summer. However, the schedule you have put together are of all classes that have never been offered in the summer. But since you HAVE to graduate RIGHT NOW I’m sure we can offer those classes just for you. Or just feel free to take any 20 credits and I’m sure we will just apply them to your degree and assume you have the content knowledge.